Aries Constellation The Golden Ram Source Of The Golden Fleece

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The Aries constellation name The Ram, was agreed on by the Babylonians, the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Persians.

In Greek mythology, the story of Aries the Ram begins in Thessaly. The King of Thessaly had two children named Phrixus and Helle who were beaten by their stepmother.

The god Hermes became angered by this and sent a ram to carry the two children to safety. Tragically, Helle lost her grip and tumbled from the ram.

Phrixus, on the other hand, arrived safely to the shores of the Black Sea where he sacrificed the ram to the Gods. Later, Jason and The Argonauts recovered the prized fleece and returned it to Thessaly.

This picture is of the Aries stars constellation. Also visible is triangulum.

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Position in the Sky

Right Ascension: 3 hours

Declination: 20 degrees

Visible between latitudes 90 and -60 degrees

Best seen in December (at 9:00 PM)

Named Stars: HAMAL (Alpha Ari) Sharatan (Beta Ari) Mesarthim (Gamma 2 Ari) Botein (Delta Ari)

The Real Golden Fleece?

It is likely that the Golden Fleece existed.

Earlier in this century, remote mountain villagers were observed using sheepskins to trap the fine gold particles in the rivers that flowed from the Caucasus Mountains.

The skins would then be dried and beaten to shake out their contents.

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