The Capricorn Zodiac Sign
Capricornus The Seagoat

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The Capricorn zodiac sign the seagoat, came about when the god Pan of Greek mythology was fleeing from an attack on the Gods. As the Gods transformed themselves into various animals to escape, Pan couldn't decide what animal to become.

When Pan jumped into the river Nile he changed. The lower half which was under the water took the form of a fish, his upper half remained above the water and stayed goat-like.

Although known as the seagoat the name Capricornus is actually Latin for "horn of the goat."

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The Tropic Of Capricorn

Right Ascension: 21 hours

Declination: -20 degrees

Visible between latitudes 60 and -90 degrees

Best seen in September (at 9:00 PM)

Named Stars: Prima Giedi (Alpha 1 Cap) Secunda Giedi (Alpha 2 Cap) Dabih (Beta Cap) Nashira (Gamma Cap) Deneb Algedi (Delta Cap) Alshat (Nu Cap)

Capricorn is one of the dimmest constellations and has only globular cluster M30.

Through small telescopes you can see that Alpha1 and Alpha2 are both actually double stars themselves.

Beta Cap can be seen with binoculars or smaller telescopes also.

The capricorn constellation used to contain the winter solstice. In the southern hemisphere where capricorn is located, this was actually the summer solstice. Its opposite in the north would be the Tropic of Cancer.

Due to precession the solstice actually occurs while the sun is in

the constellation Sagittarius.

The constellation Capricornus is flanked by Microscopium and Piscis Austrinus to the south, the constellation Aquarius to the east and north and the Aquila constellation on the northwest border.

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