Queen Cassiopeia
Constellation Of A Vain Woman

The Cassiopeia constellation represents the queen of Ethiopia, a mythological land of Greek lore, not the country in Africa.

Cassiopeia is the wife of King Cepheus , and the mother of the beautiful Princess Andromeda. She was a vain, boastful woman who claimed to be prettier than the Nerieds, the beautiful sea nymphs.

This angered the sea god Poseidon(Neptune), who sent the sea monster Cetus to destroy the queen's land.

The king and queen were told the only way to save the kingdom was to sacrifice their daughter Andromeda.

Andromeda was left chained to a rock near the coast for Cetus but, before the monster could ravage her, she was saved by Perseus. As punishment Cassiopeia was chained to her throne and placed in the sky by Poseidon, where she spends half of her time hanging upside down.

cassiopeia constellation with outlines cassiopeia constellation stars

Visiting The Queen's Throne

Right Ascension: 1 hour

Declination: 60 degrees

Visible between latitudes 90 and -20 degrees

Best seen in November (at 9:00 PM)

Named Stars: SHEDIR (Alpha Cas) Caph (Beta Cas) Ruchbah (Delta Cas) Segin (Epsilon Cas) Achird (Eta Cas) Marfak (Theta Cas) Marfak (Mu Cas)

Two open clusters are visible in binoculars within the constellation.

These are M52 and M103. Both are of apparent 7th magnitude, and quite easy to view.

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