The Constellation Aquarius
The Waterbearer
Need A Drink?

constellation  Aquarius  symbol

The constellation Aquarius comes from the Gods kidnapping of a young boy.

In ancient Greek mythology, Zeus sent his eagle Aquila to capture Ganymede and have him serve the Gods as cupbearer.

Ganymede became Aquarius The Waterbearer. The constellation Crater is thought to symbolize the cup used by Aquarius.

The Aquarius constellation was also thought of as the bringer of floods since the sun rose in this sign during the rainy season in many parts of the world.

constellation aquarius

aquarius constellation

Where To Look

Aquarius is best viewed in the southern sky during the autumn months.

Aquarius is one of the dimmest of the 12 zodiac constellations.

Right Ascension: 23 hours

Declination: -15 degrees

Visible between latitudes 65 and -90 degrees

Best seen in October (at 9:00 PM)

Named Stars: SADALMELIK (Alpha Aqr) Sadalsuud (Beta Aqr) Sadalachbia (Gamma Aqr) Skat (Delta Aqr) Albali (Epsilon Aqr) Ancha (Theta Aqr) Situla (Kappa Aqr)

Globular clusters M2 and M72 are visible in Aquarius through small telescopes.

The Saturn nebula, so named because it looks like Saturn the planet and the Helix nebula are also visible in Aquarius in small telescopes.

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