A Complete Constellation List
With Links To Printable Constellation Star Maps
And Some Constellation Mythology

This constellation list has all eighty-eight official constellations. Astronomers use the constellations to divide the sky into sections to make it easier to find celestial objects.

For the backyard stargazer though, that's you and me, the constellations are mythological pictures of ancient people, creatures, animals, and shapes.

Theses images are imaginary and you must mentally "connect the dots".

The Greeks, Romans, babylonians and most if not all ancient cultures all viewed the night time sky and made up constellations but they often saw different pictures based on their own constellation myths.

Click on this link for the complete alphabetical

star constellations list

Click this link for the 12 zodiac constellations

To check out some other major constellations click these links...

andromeda constellation aquila constellation Boötes constellation cassiopeia constellation

centaurus constellation constellation Cepheus southern cross constellation Crux constellation hercules

orion constellation Pegasus constellation of the winged horse Perseus constellation

Ursa Major(big dipper constellation) Ursa Minor(little dipper constellation)

This page will help you determine what constellations and stars you can see. star viewing

If you're interested in astrophotography view this site:

Orion Telescopes for Beginners!

Printable Constellation Map:


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