Star Constellations Listed In Alphabetical Order

Here's the list of star constellations in alphabetical order.

Andromeda, Antila(air pump), Apus(bird of paradise), Aquarius(water bearer),

Aquila(eagle), Ara(altar), Aries(ram), Auriga(charioteer), Bootes(herdsman), Caelum(chisel), Camelopardalis(giraffe), Cancer(crab),

Canes Venatici(hunting dogs), Canis Major(big dog), Canis Minor(little dog), Capricornus(sea goat),

Carina(keel), Cassiopeia, Centaurus(centaur), Cepheus, Cetus(sea monster), Chamaeleon(chameleon),

Circinus(compasses), Columba(dove), Coma Berenices(berenice's hair), Corona Australis(southern crown),

Corona Borealis(northern crown), Corvus(crow), Crater(cup), Crux(southern cross), Cygnus(the swan),

Delphinus(dolphin), Dorado(goldfish), Draco(dragon), Equuleus(little horse), Eridanus(river),

Fornax(furnace), Gemini(twins), Grus(the crane), Hercules, Horologium(pendulum clock),

Hydra(water serpent), Hydrus(lesser water snake), Indus(indian), Lacerta(lizard), Leo(lion), Leo Minor(lesser lion), Lepus(hare/rabbit), Libra(the scales), Lupus(wolf), lynx, Lyra(lyre), Mensa(the table mountain),

Microscopium(microscope), Monoceros(unicorn), Musca(fly), Norma(level), Octans(octant),

Ophiuchus(serpent holder), Orion the Hunter, Pavo(peacock), Pegasus the winged horse, Perseus,

Phoenix, Pictor(painter's easel), Pisces(fish), Piscis Austrinus(southern fish), Puppis(the stern),

Pyxis(the compass), Reticulum(reticle), Sagitta(arrow), Sagittarius(archer), Scorpius(scorpion), Sculptor, Scutum(shield), Serpens(serpent), Sextans(sextant), Taurus the Bull, Telescopium(telescope),

Triangulum(triangle), Triangulum Australe(southern triangle), Tucana(toucan),

Ursa Major(the great bear), Ursa Minor(lesser bear), Vela(sails), Virgo(the virgin), Volans(flying fish), Vulpecula(fox)

All 88 official constellations are listed.

Some list actually will have 89 or 90 constellations listed. This is because Serpens is divided into two seperate constellations.

Officially it is one and I listed it as such but it is split by Ophiuchus the serpent holder into Serpens Caput (the head) and Serpens Cauda (the tail).

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